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Alla V. Shevchenko

shevchenkoAlla V. Shevchenko, associate professor, Ph.D., associate professor of the SACMEG department. Responsible for educational work with students and communication with civil society organizations of the city.

Ph.D. thesis - "Development of methods for calculation and optimization of geometrical parameters of gas-static bearings with two degrees of freedom", specialty 05.02.04 - "Friction and wear of the machines". Academician of the Ukrainian Technological Academy.

Research work: geometric modeling of phenomena, processes and objects.

Has more than 170 scientific and methodical works, including 2 certificates of invention, 10 teaching aids, 3 monographs, 7 workbooks for the discipline "Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics."

Teaches disciplines "Engineering graphics", "Engineering and computer graphics."

Was awarded the Order of Princess Olga of third degree, Insignia of 1020 anniversary of Baptism of Kievska Rus, awarded a diploma of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The deputy of the city council of the 4th convocation, Adviser to the Mayor of the city, the Chairman of the Regional Charity Fund for Animal Welfare "Planet", the President of Vinnytsia Branch Children's Fund of Ukraine.

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