Vitaliy B. Mokin

Mokin VB small (Vitalii Mokin) - Head of the Department of SACMEG, doctor of technical sciences, professor, the science head of scientific research laboratory of ecological researches and ecological monitoring of Vinnytsia National Technical University (VNTU), the main leading scientific employee (second job). 

Defended Doctoral Thesis "Mathematical and Geoinformation Models for Rivers' Water Monitoring and Controlling Over Processes of Their Purification" on the speciality 01.05.02 "Mathematical Simulation and Calculation Methods" (today: 122 - "Computer Sciences and Information Technologies").

Is an adviser of the Chairman of the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine (on a voluntary basis).

During 2009-2010 was an adviser (out-of-staff) of the minister of environmental protection of Ukraine and adviser of Head of State Committee of Ukraine on Water Management (out-of-staff), was member of scientific-technical council at this Committee.


Is a member of the Scientific-technical council of the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine.

Is a member of Dnieper River Basin Council and an administrator of section of automation and adoption of geoinformational technologies into water resources control system at Dnieper River Basin Council (since 2011). Is a member of the Southern Bug River Basin Council and the Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council at its (since 2009). is a member of the Desna River Basin Council.


During 2010-2014 was a member of technical coordinating council of experts dealing with informatization under the chairman of Vinnytsia city council (Volodymyr Groysman).



During 2010-2015 was a member of advisory committee on sustainable energy-effective development of Vinnytsia city under Vinnytsia city council.


In 2011 was an expert of UNDP/GEF project "Implementation of The Dnipro Basin Strategic Action Program for the reduction of persistent toxics pollution".


Since 2014 is an expert of the OSCE project for change of climate in the Dniester river basin.

Awarded an Honorable Commendation of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #19831 from 28, April, 2010.

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Price Laureate for youth contribution to state building in the nomination "For scientific achievements" (Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resolution #487, 21.06.2005). Exhibitioner of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Decree of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine #498-VI of 04.09.2008 "On assigning in 2008 inscribed scholarships of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for most gifted young scholars").

Awarded a badge "For scientific achievements" (Order of Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine #453-k of 15.05.2007). He was awarded the Diploma of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (2012) and the Diploma of the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine (2013).

Was approved by the European Commission as a senior expert on behalf of Ukraine on the Project TACIS "Transboundary River Basin Management. Phase 2: For Siversky Donets " and Transboundary River Basin Management. Phase 2: For River Pripyat in 2007.


Was a member of interagency task force on consideration of State Program of Environmental Monitoring of Ukraine (Order of the Minister of Environmental Protection of Ukraine #196 of 31.05.2005).


Is a member of two councils for the protection of doctoral theses in speciality 05.13.06 - "Informational technologies" and 01.05.02 - "Mathematical simulation and computation methods" in the Institute for Telecommunications and Global Information Space of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (in Kyiv) (since 2009) and in Vinnytsia National Technical University (since 2007).


Prepared 5 PhDs, has 5 postgraduate students of the following specialties: 124 - "System analysis", 05.13.06 - "Informational technologies", 122 - "Computer Sciences and Information Technologies" and 21.06.01 - "Environmental safety".


Research sphere: methodology and technology for development and implementation of information systems for environmental monitoring, control, simulation, forecasting and management of the environment and natural resources; scientific and practical aspects of application of modern information technologies, including GIS technologies in different fields, system analyze, technologies of e-governance, creation of decision support systems and others.

As research supervisor carried out more than 40 scientific research works within the scope of financing of projects of UN, European Commission, State Water Resources Agency of Ukraine, State Ecology Inspection of Ukraine, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine and The Government of the Vinnytsia, Donetsk, Kirovohrad, Poltava, Rivne and Sumy Oblasts of Ukraine.

Author about of 400 scientific works, including 10 monographs (on Ukrainian and English), 4 textbooks (recommended by a Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine), 22 textbooks, 42 certificates on registration of authors' rights for computer software.

Teaches subjects: "Information technologies of monitoring and analyzation of complex systems state", "Modeling and forecasting of the environment", "Environmental monitoring", "System analysis" and others for students of the educational fields of "System analysis", "Computer Science and Information Technologies" and "Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources" and directs master  and bachelor theses.

Was a member of jury of International competition of young users of GIS from ESRI (USA-Ukraine). 

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