Ilona V. Varchuk

Ilona V. Varchuk Ph.D., senior lecturer of SACMEG department. Responsible for the methodical work of the section CEEM, academic secretary of the Department of SACMEG.

Graduated with honours from the Vinnytsia National Technical University in 2013, specialty 8.070801 - "Ecology and protection of environment".

Graduated from the Vinnytsia National Technical University in 2016 in specialty 05.13.06 - Information Technologies. In 2017, in the specialized academic council D 05.052.01 VNTU defended the dissertation "Information technology for the analysis and optimization of topological observation of multi-connected geographic information systems" for obtaining a scientific degree of the candidate of technical sciences in the specialty 05.13.06 - information technologies.

Prizewinner of Vinnitsa regional competition of monitoring the environment among students of 2013.

Author of 22 scientific papers, among them being 8 articles in specialized journals approved by VAK of Ukraine and 10 publications in the conference informational packages of different levels.

Participated in 2 Gospodogovirnyh GDRs, 14 scientific conferences, including 10 international ones. Co-author of 2 basic manuals and 2 tutorials. Received a certificate of registration of copyright for a work. In the summer of 2017, the qualification improvement was held at the international intensive training "IBM Bootcamp 2017", which was held in Ukraine for the first time.

Scientific interests: observation of multi-connected spatially distributed systems, geoinformation technologies, mathematical modeling of processes in ecological, transport and other complex systems. He teaches the disciplines "Environmental Monitoring", "Environmental Statistics", "Environmental Cybernetics", "Modeling and Forecasting of the Environment", "System Analysis", "Discrete Mathematics", "Probability Theory, Probabilistic Processes and Mathematical Statistics".

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