Research laboratory EREM

SRL EREM known in Ukraine and abroad by the scientific developments in industry of monitoring, design, control and management natural and technogenic objects, with the use of modern information technologies (bases given, geographic information systems, web-Technologies, XML and other). Basic work of scientists of SRL assignments:

Scientists NIL EDEM technology of construction of integrated control and management of objects of the environment, based on a clear definition of spatial relations between objects control and logical connections between all data about them that can determine both the causes and consequences changes in the environment. The basic principles are, first, comprehensive monitoring of pollution sources and changes in the environment, secondly, all data in the system associated with the other, to which they can relate and, thirdly, all objects Preferred 'yazuyutsya maps to a single approach. The complex copyright models and algorithms that allow you to quickly build these systems according to the environmental authorities of Ukraine. Systems based on this technology integrates all available information on environmental objects environment and human impact on them, providing continuous updates of information from national environmental monitoring systems, can identify trends and causes changes in the environment, human pressure on the environment and ways to reduce, violation of environmental safety and perpetrators of produce optimal solutions with integrated management environment.

Scientists NIL EDEM past 15 years was made more than 50 scientific research commissioned by the UN, the European Commission, MEP Derzhvodahentstva (State Water Management Committee), state inspection, Minpalyvvuhillya (MFE), the Ministry of Education and Science and the Donetsk and Vinnytsia regional state administrations and regional councils dedicated to monitoring, control and management of natural resources and environmental management, various electronic cadastral systems and management infrastructure:

- quality and quantity of water resources;

- passport details of all rivers, ponds and reservoirs;

- wastewater and return water (with data on discharges under 2 TP "water industry" and normative values ​​of maximum permissible emissions);

- stationary emission sources (data on emissions and normative values ​​of maximum permissible emissions);

- state warehouses crop protection chemicals, agrochemicals and waste disposal sites (automated driving passports waste places and made their 3D-modeling three-dimensional matrix of digital terrain where they are clearly visible location relative settlements, water bodies, forests, etc.);

- minerals (all data for their account);

- objects of nature reserve fund (with all of them according to the Register)

- monitoring electromagnetic environment in settlements - radio facilities (mobile towers) (a separate layer, created in order VinoblSES)

All data cards are linked to GIS, easily managed and updated, enable automated updates do not require users to specialized knowledge in programming and mapping, the possibility of rapid preparation of analytical reports with maps and tables in convenient way.

Scientists SAСMEG Department prepared and published several atlases and maps a considerable edition (1500 copies and more). Have experience of work related to the development of design documentation for companies to obtain authorization for air emissions from stationary sources of emissions permits for special water use permit for placement and disposal of waste, projects of maximum permissible discharge of pollutants into surface waters and more.

In 2008, Associate Professor GV Goryachev developed a software package for the calculation of ground-level concentrations of pollutants emissions from stationary sources by the method OND-86 (certificate of copyright registration number 26017) and in 2011 - the program "GIS module of ground-level concentrations of pollutants by the method of Gauss' (certificate number 39 558) and the program "Automated system for calculating emissions of pollutants according to actual consumption of raw materials for industrial enterprises" ( "EcoProm") (certificate number 38756). A number of programs implemented to "MotorSich" to account for all emissions on the premises.

Scientific director of SRL EREM - doctor of technical sciences, professor Vitaliy B. Mokin.

More detailed information about projects and activities of SRL EREM can be obtained on page "Research themes".