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Canadian startup IndieGoGo to collect funds for the serial production of an unusual device called "Personal identification drinks" identifies changes in any of them, warning of a possible attempt to poison him.

Developers device interested not so much venom, popular in the Middle Ages as a problem of correct use of medicines. The idea of adventure with a heavy hangover played out in a series of films "The Hangover," where Alan quietly "treats" all Flunitrazepam - sleeping pills without express taste, which in combination with alcohol causes memory loss.

In bars and drinks at parties often left unattended. Decanters, glasses and stemware are open, while guests socialize and dance. Add them whatever is not of great complexity.

To prevent such poisoning capable device, yet there is only a project. According to the developers it uses three methods to determine poured substances. This spectroscopy, measuring conductivity and temperature of the drink. Analysis is performed twice: once after pouring a drink from sealed bottles (Reference solution) and immediately before a man will meet his drink.

The description indicates generally that the device indicates only the fact of modification of the beverage, even in certain cases is able to identify the substance. Serious doubts here is only a possibility and expediency of spectroscopy. Under laboratory conditions, as determined by the presence of certain functional groups, to identify the specific substance using qualitative reaction. 

Strange looks and reference to the fact that the basis of the instrument laid costly techniques employed in the Office of Narcotics. Such rapid methods have never been used in such departments as they can not be used as evidence in court.

Likely to mention the DEA and spectroscopy used for "witty." Judging by the data and the estimated cost, will be arranged much easier. For comparative analysis of fluid conductivity and temperature is quite simple electrochemical cell and a calibrated thermocouple. 

These two sensors are connected to the microprocessor, which transmits the processed data to your smartphone using the module BlueTooth. Further mobile app draws beautiful graphics, displays graphic warnings, and the device flashes a built-in LEDs. 

Developers ignore other important moments. For example, alcoholic beverages are always changing composition on standing. Especially soft and layered cocktails. Probably, this property will lead to a large number of false positives of the device and break a lot of hearts. 

While the unit is at the development stage, the authors are open to all suggestions and comments. You can send them in Twitter or Facebook.

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