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Citizens of Vinnytsia gained experience at the International Congress of Smart City Expo

Smart City Expo-2013 brought together nearly 9000 people from 400 cities in five continents, to seek the best solutions for their cities and exchanged experiences. The presented projects on innovative technologies, energy saving, environmental protection, urban planning and so on. There were representatives from Canada, of Denmark, Finland, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Malaysia and many other countries. 

The main topics discussed were issues related to improving energy efficiency and transport height increase production from renewable sources, smart lighting, IT-technologies and innovations in the development of Smart City, urban planning, and more.

Representatives of the World Bank introduced the audience to a new global program for urban development. World Bank proposes to consider the city as an ecosystem where city authorities, universities, businesses and citizens interact and work together to co-create and develop urban life. But open innovation designed to facilitate this interaction. This approach is the empowerment of citizens in solving the problems of the cities and municipalities to help achieve greater efficiency in the processes of urban governance. "I was particularly impressed with the approach to the development of Barcelona - said Deputy Mayor Vladimir Slyshynskyy. - Suggestions on how to develop a little town in the future, their architects had worked nearly 150 years ago. And it was already provided the location of streets and the number of vehicle that holds to this day. "

"International Congress of Smart City Expo aims at expanding outlook and experience sharing. Also useful is the information on how to use certain technologies in specific cases. Presented presentation was based on practice and results. For example, Ukraine has no practice of open data, we just want to introduce this system in Russia has just begun to enter, and in Barcelona we had the opportunity to see how people are working in this area, and what the results are. We also show concrete solutions to the unification of separate units in projects related to urban infrastructure, urban design and so on. This is a very valuable experience, "- says the trip director of information technology Rizhenko Alexander.

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