IDC analysts predict the development of "smart cities"

In 2014, the project will accelerate the transition of "smart cities" with the stages of research and preliminary estimates on stage investments in pilot projects and organizational structures to support these policy initiatives, analysts IDC. 

January 23 department IDC Government Insights conducted a web conference on the development of systems of "smart cities» (Smart City). Analysts formulated ten year forecasts started. 

15% of cities in the world in 2014 reached the second stage of maturity of projects "smart cities." At this stage begins proactive cooperation departments of municipal services in the development of "smart city." There is a common language, identifies possible obstacles and stakeholders are beginning to focus on the emerging strategy. 

One of the main sources of innovation at the departmental level will "shadow" IT. But the realization of projects of "smart cities" because it may be delayed. 

Mobile technology will be the primary means of ensuring citizens' access urban all-channel systems. 

An important factor in decisions will open the database and software interfaces. 

In some cities, the first step is to change the behavior of the citizens will use igrofikatsiyu. 

Investments in technology Internet of things will reach $ 265 million from 15 to 20% of the costs of projects "smart cities" will be translated into the clouds. 

45% of all cases of analyzing large amounts of data will relate to finance, public safety and transportation. 

Competition in the market will grow, and so we would expect mergers and their joint activities.

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