The card will fall! Apple vs Google, the second act

Just six months ago on the battle field mapping, and navigation between Google and Apple - now the main actors in this area - is only planned. Apple pre-installed on their mobile devices and Google Maps, as they say, did not know grief. However, in June "Yabloko" officially warned, and in September released their own maps, which automatically led to the removal of a competing product from the operating system iOS. 

But Google did not lay in the hands. For three months the search giant has prepared a Google Maps application for iOS, and a week ago it appeared in the store App Store. The second act of cartographic drama - and we can say lucky rarely competition can be observed in such a pure form. 

Google Maps return was greeted with thunderous applause (more below), but it's not so much merit Google, how much oversight Apple. Last herself made an involuntary advertising competitor, hastening release frankly "crude" product. Disadvantages of Apple Maps are well known: poor-quality 3D-mapping terrain knocks navigation, comparative poverty of parts (see "Do not worry, it's the norm!"). Initially jiving over flaws, but more and less laughter and more frustrating.

Apple by nature - priverzhenka abrupt, revolutionary upheavals. "Evolution" is not flashed and nothing original iPhone 5 and iPad mini made ​​for a moment believe that Cook ran out of ideas. But the storm already smells. Apple has an unprecedentedly large cash reserves (see "Salvage and evil"), which it has long dared not print. However, since the beginning of 2010, the company has steadily increased capital expenditure and now analysts are scratching their heads trying to figure out what fruit giant spends nearly four billion dollars each quarter. 

Presumably, it is building a new factory for the production of fundamentally new device. What? It's time to hypothesize.

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