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All about any product - in a few seconds will tell you a portable sensor

This molecular sensor SCiO. A small device that fits in your hand, helps to know the chemical composition of any products around. Via Bluetooth device transmits information to the smartphone. Thus, the user can for a few seconds and touch the sensor to know how many calories in a serving of cheese or tomato when ripe.

SCiO uses old technology near-infrared spectroscopy - explains the developer. We cover materials. This light creates a vibration within the molecules. These vibration absorbing the light. We monitor to display it. It creates a label that corresponds with the performance of the chemical composition of materials. So we can know the chemical composition of the measured object and send the information to your smartphone. 

SCiO may need to research products in the pharmaceutical industry and horticulture. 

The developer hopes that the new device will hit the market in 2015 and will cost about 220 euros.

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