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The world's first database areas suitable for CO2 storage

We used to think of oil, gas and wind energy even as the national energy resources. But, according to scientists may soon appear in this list one item - the repository. 

Researchers from the UK is a database of areas where carbon dioxide could be stored under the sea that washes the United Kingdom. 

It is believed that the CO2 underground storage using a new technology known as the capture and storage of carbon dioxide in the future will play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Professor Mike Stephenson of the British Geological Survey said: «British Geological Survey is in the ear of more than 20 years and will use their knowledge and expertise to the development and improvement of the national resource. During the first year, we will update the database so that it is easier to use and browse online. Then, during the next four years we will improve the content and functionality. "

"As the project we are interested in the thoughts and responses of both users and stakeholders. Plans: additions basic geological data and geomechanical models; addition of integrated information for the economic evaluation of proposals on the ears; development of spatial management support in order to assist issuers carbon dioxide to receive links to long-term storage. "

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