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World Economy is concerned about water supplies

Acute shortage of water resources in the near future is a matter of growing concern for businesses, according to a global study published recently in all newspaper publications.

Studies show that more than half of the 147 large firms await the problems associated with water scarcity in the next 1-5 years.

This suggests that 60% of companies have already set clear goals and measures for the rational use of water.

Details are predicting that things would be much worse, as global demand for water will increase significantly over the next few decades.

Sectors of the economy that may suffer most from water shortages are food industry, beverages and tobacco, metallurgy and ore.

Companies like never realize the risk for the production of their brands if they are not taken care of promptly prevent unnecessary water consumption in countries that supply it is not great. Their arrangements for efficient methods of water use indicate a deep awareness that water is different from carbon that fuel alternatives are often, but the water there is no alternative.

The study was organized by the Carbon series, which takes place at the request of 137 based investors who have invested US $ 16 trillion dollars.

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