Waze: on the road, or a history of a small, but very proud startup

The main product Waze - navigation application (there are Android-, and iOS - version). Assigned it primarily for car owners, but in general, there is nothing stopping using it and cyclists and even pedestrians. The trick is that if you run across the road to some pleasant or unpleasant surprise - cheap refills, good cafes, and possibly pit ambush DPS, repair the road, and anything else that would be interesting to those who pass here after you, you can mark an object on the map, right from your smartphone. And on it immediately appears! And of course, you see the objects marked others Waze, but the most important ones (jams, repairs, etc.) are automatically taken into account when laying distance.

And the benefits of "social mapping" is not limited to real time. Some experts consider it the only correct assumption that the traditional model mapping (figuratively speaking, the transfer of information from reference books) will soon go down a dead end database sizes grow, and more and more difficult to look at these mistakes (because something always outdated) . Waze from this sore largely deprived: there are millions willing to correct the traffic information received from the customer information is a priority.

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