The magic carpet: Go into the light

Dutch researchers have developed what could be a kind of magic carpet, but not in a fairy tale, but in reality. The experts from the Dutch company carpet manufacturer Desso and electronics giant Philips are working together on the carpet manufacturing, tooling LEDs. Diodes will transmit information in order to , for example , to help passengers at the airport quickly figure out where to go, or in the event of a fire in the hotel direct people to the nearest exit. The magic carpet can withstand not only the weight of people walking on it, but even the weight of a small car.

Ed Huybers the company Philips: "This invention will help enhance security, we can help people move to a particular house, we can get people interested."

Inventors carpet hoping that it will change the way in which people perceive information as hotels, and offices, business centers and other public institutions.

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