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Microsoft Office for iOS and Android Now Free

Microsoft has announced that soon the office suite for iOS and Android will be absolutely free.

Microsoft announced that it is now mobile applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be free for iOS, and for Android.

The company introduced the office applications for Android-tablets and revised version for the iPhone.

Moreover, Microsoft has also signed a contract with Dropbox, and now we can use it as an embedded clouds for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


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Ukrainian became multibillionaire due to ingenuity and Facebook

A native of Kyiv sold social network messaging program for smartphones recently completed the purchase of service Facebook "WhatsApp". The deal was sensational - 22.94 billion dollars! And almost half of that money went to developer programs, messenger Janov godfather.

This American businessman, a native of Ukraine - only 38 years old. Today Kum occupies 169 th place in the global ranking of billionaires "Forbes", is on the list of 400 richest people in the US, and this year's ranking of billionaires immigrant - the ninth position.

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The Southern Bug already has a management plan

The Southern Bug in Ukraine received the first River Basin Management Plan - as required by the EU. Thanks to the scientists of the Institute of Ecology and Ecological Cybernetics our institution.

The book "River Basin Management Plan of the Southern Bug: analysis and measures", which was presented at the celebration of the completion of the project.

Meeting was chaired by the First Deputy Chairman of the Vinnytsia Regional Council Igor Krevo. The event was attended by members of the Southern Bug River Basin Council of Vinnitsa region, members of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC) of water management organizations of all areas of the basin, representatives Gosvodagentstva, EU and OSCE. And the head of the Department of Computer ecological and economic monitoring and engineering drawing our Vinnytsia National Technical University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vitaliy Mokin - Head of the expert group that developed the project and its GIS software.

Vitaliy Mokin with a graduate of the Institute of Ecology and Ecological Cybernetics our university and now a leading expert Basin Water Resources p. Southern Bug Marian Viktorov, made a report at the meeting. By the way, in the expert group worked two scientists VNTU - Ph.D., Associate Professor Eugene Kryzhanovsky and Ph.D., Associate Professor Nicholas Pradivlyanny.

According to the Water Framework Directive of the European Union swimming pool every major rivers of Europe should have management plans. For the preparation of this important document for all the rivers of our country, under the provisions of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, some of which have already entered into force on 1 November 2014, have 10 years.

In Ukraine, our first received the Southern Bug River Basin Management Plan in accordance with EU standards. Sweden financed the publication of the same book. Copy of the publication already has a scientific and technical library of our university. PDF-version of the freely available on the Internet.


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Environmental map of Ukraine - Find like-minded people and solve problems in their region!

WWF invites activists and organizations to tell the whole Ukraine on environmental issues in their region and unite to solve them with the help of a special resource Ecological map got a second life thanks to the efforts of a team of young programmers Academy IT company SoftServe.

This project was conceived by the World Wildlife Fund in Ukraine as a platform that can unite the efforts of various non-governmental organizations, companies and independent activists to exchange experiences and improve the environment of our country.

The user can mark an environmental problem on the map, join to other issues, or simply vote for the problem, if it considers it important and urgent to solve.


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How a new programming language Swift affect us all?

New programming language Swift, developed by Apple for iOS and OS X, can significantly change the way we design well-known users of these systems applications, as well as significantly lower the threshold level of training sufficient to establish such programs. 

Language Swift was officially presented at the next International Developers Conference Apple WWDC 2014 and was greeted very warmly. Professionals from the outset overall great potential newbie, but what can give Swift the other categories of users? Let's face it.

Why experts at WWDC 2014 were once so excited about the advent of Swift? All the matter in the first sentence, in which the senior vice president of Apple's software development Craig Federighi mentioned a new language: "What if we had to Objective-C without the rudiments of C? And we do not just think about it, we have done more. We have a new programming language. He called Swift and he totally cool."

Until recently, to develop applications for the Apple platform can be used languages C, C + + or Objective-C. The latter was created by renowned programmer Brad Cox in the early 1980s, and since 1983 it is used by Apple to create a variety of applications. Objective-C much borrowed from C and C + +, fundamental difference was the introduction of object-oriented programming model that is implemented in the style of Smalltalk, in which objects are sent messages. This model was more comfortable than implemented in C + + and, more so than in the classic procedural C.

However, basing the C comes from the early seventies made programming in Objective-C is much more time consuming task than modern languages such as Python or Ruby. However, for all its complexity for the programmer of the key advantages of Objective-C could be called extremely fast execution of a number of functions.

Obviously that Apple set the task to save Swift all the good that was in Objective-C, in particular, referred to the code performance, combining it with the usual amenities today interpreted languages. In Swift got rid of a rudimentary set of garbage Objective-C inherited from his predecessors. In addition, Swift allows the programmer to solve tasks in several different models, including functional programming, in which all actions are presented in the form of mathematical calculations; procedural, where the actions are executed sequentially and linearly, and object-oriented, where all data are presented as objects. 

Swift gives the output highly optimized LLVM-compatible bytecode (ie, low-level instructions executed directly device) and works with the same API. that Objective-C or C. Due to this compatibility can integrate Swift code into already existing projects, libraries and applications. And if you need to drop down to a lower level, and manually set, for example, the type of variables or parameters of memory management, you can always go back to Objective-C.

With professional developers understood. And that can give students Swift, only making the first steps in programming? It may well expect that the classic phrase «Hello World» soon will be displayed on the screen primarily via Swift. Why? Because Swift is easy to learn, is visual and intuitive, can use different programming models and thus provides high speed Objective-C. 

Finally, it will give the appearance of Swift regular users, most of whom are not programmers and knows little about some languages ​​there? For the consumer, it is important that the application clearly stated function has executed and was comfortable and stable. 

Obviously, the introduction of Swift noticeably affect the entire software ecosystem Apple. Since the development of applications for iOS and OS X is becoming easier and easier, many professionals in other languages ​​and platforms will want to try their hand at a new field of activity. But what does it mean? 

Above all, it means that the mobile computing platforms, and Apple will attract a large number of developers. More developers - more applications and more choice for the consumer. But the question of the level of quality of such software will be left open. Swift yet too new technology and it is not yet mastered even by professional programmers for devices Apple. In addition, it is more accessible for students to understand and other people taking their first steps in programming. Why all this may lead, is difficult to say. 

If you now want to evaluate the possibility of Swift, then download the beta version of XCode 6 you will need a paid developer account. Everyone else will have to wait until the fall, but in the meantime you can read the detailed 500-page manual on this new language, which I think will be interesting not only for professional programmers.

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Canadian startup IndieGoGo to collect funds for the serial production of an unusual device called "Personal identification drinks" identifies changes in any of them, warning of a possible attempt to poison him.

Developers device interested not so much venom, popular in the Middle Ages as a problem of correct use of medicines. The idea of adventure with a heavy hangover played out in a series of films "The Hangover," where Alan quietly "treats" all Flunitrazepam - sleeping pills without express taste, which in combination with alcohol causes memory loss.

In bars and drinks at parties often left unattended. Decanters, glasses and stemware are open, while guests socialize and dance. Add them whatever is not of great complexity.

To prevent such poisoning capable device, yet there is only a project. According to the developers it uses three methods to determine poured substances. This spectroscopy, measuring conductivity and temperature of the drink. Analysis is performed twice: once after pouring a drink from sealed bottles (Reference solution) and immediately before a man will meet his drink.

The description indicates generally that the device indicates only the fact of modification of the beverage, even in certain cases is able to identify the substance. Serious doubts here is only a possibility and expediency of spectroscopy. Under laboratory conditions, as determined by the presence of certain functional groups, to identify the specific substance using qualitative reaction. 

Strange looks and reference to the fact that the basis of the instrument laid costly techniques employed in the Office of Narcotics. Such rapid methods have never been used in such departments as they can not be used as evidence in court.

Likely to mention the DEA and spectroscopy used for "witty." Judging by the data and the estimated cost, will be arranged much easier. For comparative analysis of fluid conductivity and temperature is quite simple electrochemical cell and a calibrated thermocouple. 

These two sensors are connected to the microprocessor, which transmits the processed data to your smartphone using the module BlueTooth. Further mobile app draws beautiful graphics, displays graphic warnings, and the device flashes a built-in LEDs. 

Developers ignore other important moments. For example, alcoholic beverages are always changing composition on standing. Especially soft and layered cocktails. Probably, this property will lead to a large number of false positives of the device and break a lot of hearts. 

While the unit is at the development stage, the authors are open to all suggestions and comments. You can send them in Twitter or Facebook.

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Citizens of Vinnytsia gained experience at the International Congress of Smart City Expo

Smart City Expo-2013 brought together nearly 9000 people from 400 cities in five continents, to seek the best solutions for their cities and exchanged experiences. The presented projects on innovative technologies, energy saving, environmental protection, urban planning and so on. There were representatives from Canada, of Denmark, Finland, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Malaysia and many other countries. 

The main topics discussed were issues related to improving energy efficiency and transport height increase production from renewable sources, smart lighting, IT-technologies and innovations in the development of Smart City, urban planning, and more.

Representatives of the World Bank introduced the audience to a new global program for urban development. World Bank proposes to consider the city as an ecosystem where city authorities, universities, businesses and citizens interact and work together to co-create and develop urban life. But open innovation designed to facilitate this interaction. This approach is the empowerment of citizens in solving the problems of the cities and municipalities to help achieve greater efficiency in the processes of urban governance. "I was particularly impressed with the approach to the development of Barcelona - said Deputy Mayor Vladimir Slyshynskyy. - Suggestions on how to develop a little town in the future, their architects had worked nearly 150 years ago. And it was already provided the location of streets and the number of vehicle that holds to this day. "

"International Congress of Smart City Expo aims at expanding outlook and experience sharing. Also useful is the information on how to use certain technologies in specific cases. Presented presentation was based on practice and results. For example, Ukraine has no practice of open data, we just want to introduce this system in Russia has just begun to enter, and in Barcelona we had the opportunity to see how people are working in this area, and what the results are. We also show concrete solutions to the unification of separate units in projects related to urban infrastructure, urban design and so on. This is a very valuable experience, "- says the trip director of information technology Rizhenko Alexander.

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EU "impose" Ukraine cleaner air and water, or the environmental component of the Association Agreement with the EU

After the failure in November 2013 to sign an Association Agreement with the EU in Ukraine, first initiated by the former government, far forefront assessment of the risks to the economy and trade associated with the transition to European standards. Now the situation has changed, but the sharpness issue of risk has not diminished. Indeed, there is a chance for a deal of improvement as well as the economy. 

One of the first issues - compliance with environmental requirements, because in this area the volume of financial resources for the implementation of EU standards are among the most important. Based on some preliminary and not entirely correct assessments formed the idea of ​​imposing exorbitant Ukraine to its cost. Consideration of possible risks accompanied with some speculation on the environmental component of the transaction and the value of its investment in Ukraine. The above analysis has prompted more that actually how assessed, and how it relates to the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. 

A number of countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey today passed or are in the stage of implementation of the EU environmental standards into national practice. Experience they have gained in the development and implementation of investment and financial plans in the environmental field, and can be regarded as the closest reference point for the prediction of relevant costs in Ukraine.

It should be noted that at this time in Ukraine, regardless of the contractual obligations have involved a number of relevant government programs and plans - with the prospect in 2020 in particular, according to the decision of the Cabinet on August 1, 2013 № 927 starting from 24 July 2014 comes into force "Technical Regulation on requirements for motor gasoline, diesel, marine and boiler fuel." This document introduced restrictions on the content of a number of components in fuel and set deadlines for introduction into circulation of petrol and diesel fuels for environmental class Euro 3 (until 31 December 2015), the Euro-4 (up to 31 December 2017) and the Euro-5 (unlimited). That is essentially introduced European standards in accordance with Directive 98/70/EC. Go to the following rules will require extensive renovation of refineries with an investment of about 3.0-3.5 billion. 

Financial analysis of the implementation of plans for a European methodology is to identify and explore possibilities to eliminate the so-called gaps-gaps between the amount of financial resources available and the level of demand in the case of European standards. The above applies to consideration each direction - waste management, wastewater treatment, air pollution and so on. 

If "financial gap" sought additional sources of funds. This could be help from EU funds, grants, loans, additional municipal or state subsidies. 

In general, when faced with Ukraine demands are too high, then, first of all, it should conclusively prove (show). Second, ask about the very short time of implementation of these ekostandartiv and to postpone their implementation. Finally, thirdly, it enables us to justify the need for help from international sources, including the EU funds and loans. If part of the EU institutions in financing costs for the obligations stipulated by Ukraine Association Agreement, we should talk about a possible correction of the latter.

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IDC analysts predict the development of "smart cities"

In 2014, the project will accelerate the transition of "smart cities" with the stages of research and preliminary estimates on stage investments in pilot projects and organizational structures to support these policy initiatives, analysts IDC. 

January 23 department IDC Government Insights conducted a web conference on the development of systems of "smart cities» (Smart City). Analysts formulated ten year forecasts started. 

15% of cities in the world in 2014 reached the second stage of maturity of projects "smart cities." At this stage begins proactive cooperation departments of municipal services in the development of "smart city." There is a common language, identifies possible obstacles and stakeholders are beginning to focus on the emerging strategy. 

One of the main sources of innovation at the departmental level will "shadow" IT. But the realization of projects of "smart cities" because it may be delayed. 

Mobile technology will be the primary means of ensuring citizens' access urban all-channel systems. 

An important factor in decisions will open the database and software interfaces. 

In some cities, the first step is to change the behavior of the citizens will use igrofikatsiyu. 

Investments in technology Internet of things will reach $ 265 million from 15 to 20% of the costs of projects "smart cities" will be translated into the clouds. 

45% of all cases of analyzing large amounts of data will relate to finance, public safety and transportation. 

Competition in the market will grow, and so we would expect mergers and their joint activities.

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Technology of smart cities

With increasing level of urbanization of society and there are serious economic and environmental problems of intelligent technology allows cities to eliminate the widening gap between supply and demand in reducing the impact of urbanization on the environment. Development of intelligent cities, moreover, provides opportunities to overcome the effects of the global economic downturn by creating new clean production enterprises. 

Basically the way to build smart cities is obvious: embedding sensors, actuators and computers in the objects that are important elements of smart cities. This is not new, and promoted the development of embedded systems industry over the past two decades. New is the scale and environmental requirements. 

Intellectualization of the whole city - a large-scale IT footprinting process for awareness of the seriousness of which need to answer some questions. How many people live in a big city? There is so much residential and office buildings? What is the total length of electrical cables? As there are electrical outlets? How many cars and parking spaces? This set of questions can be very large, and the total number of objects subject intellectualization can easily reach hundreds of millions. Intellectualization only need to install electrical smart meters in each structure that consumes electricity, which will introduce tens of millions of touchscreen devices. Will be needed, and controllers that integrate with the grid IT infrastructure at the production, transmission and consumption of electricity. 

IT will need to create and houses with low power consumption and lack of emissions of CO2. For environmentally friendly electric vehicles will need embedded computers. Mass introduction of IT need to address health care for senior citizens, safety, emergency response, etc.

And required hardware changes - developers will need to tightly integrate processor and communication elements, forming easily used modules. Maybe, just follow the automotive industry experience supplying parts to the same standard functionality, but with different shapes and sizes. 

For the completion of the smart city infrastructure required to include in her platform, providing user access to the intellectual services: set-top boxes, smart phones, publicly available displays, etc. And then there will be a new world of powerful and serious applications, compared to which the App Store will look like just as banal as a traditional grocery store.

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Regulations for monitoring

Satellite monitoring system of transport by themselves do not reduce costs and increase the quality of work, but allow to obtain objective data. Business Problem - competently use this data to make the right management decisions. 

As with any complex management system, monitoring of transport requires a clear statement of goals and objectives, neukositelnogo follow these goals, operational requirements and regulations. 

Implementation of the system, its adaptation to the internal processes require considerable investment. Transport enterprises must observe a sequence of actions to a minimum financial risk to introduce satellite monitoring system and establish its effective work. 

Before planning the implementation of the system, it is necessary to examine how transport services are doing their job, and select benchmarks and financial management indicators, as well as risk factors. 

Among them - speeding and arming cars and goods, the wrong style of driving violations drivers sleep and rest. Risk factors should be considered for all trucking companies, but they are particularly important, such as the transportation of passengers, valuable and dangerous goods. 

Any company that has its own fleet, is faced with the need to introduce a system of monitoring of transport, which will help reduce the cost of fuel, increase discipline among drivers to calculate the optimal route between points and many other things that have a positive impact on the efficiency of the entire fleet. And to make and implement rules of operation monitoring system is necessary to transport difficult and responsible work, considering factors functioning transport enterprise and architectural features of the system.

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The card will fall! Apple vs Google, the second act

Just six months ago on the battle field mapping, and navigation between Google and Apple - now the main actors in this area - is only planned. Apple pre-installed on their mobile devices and Google Maps, as they say, did not know grief. However, in June "Yabloko" officially warned, and in September released their own maps, which automatically led to the removal of a competing product from the operating system iOS. 

But Google did not lay in the hands. For three months the search giant has prepared a Google Maps application for iOS, and a week ago it appeared in the store App Store. The second act of cartographic drama - and we can say lucky rarely competition can be observed in such a pure form. 

Google Maps return was greeted with thunderous applause (more below), but it's not so much merit Google, how much oversight Apple. Last herself made an involuntary advertising competitor, hastening release frankly "crude" product. Disadvantages of Apple Maps are well known: poor-quality 3D-mapping terrain knocks navigation, comparative poverty of parts (see "Do not worry, it's the norm!"). Initially jiving over flaws, but more and less laughter and more frustrating.

Apple by nature - priverzhenka abrupt, revolutionary upheavals. "Evolution" is not flashed and nothing original iPhone 5 and iPad mini made ​​for a moment believe that Cook ran out of ideas. But the storm already smells. Apple has an unprecedentedly large cash reserves (see "Salvage and evil"), which it has long dared not print. However, since the beginning of 2010, the company has steadily increased capital expenditure and now analysts are scratching their heads trying to figure out what fruit giant spends nearly four billion dollars each quarter. 

Presumably, it is building a new factory for the production of fundamentally new device. What? It's time to hypothesize.

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8 unusual ways to use your smartphone camera

Built into a smartphone or tablet camera can be used not only for shooting masterpieces and send them in "Instagram". And not only for video calls. Here are some non-trivial ways to use a miniature camera that is always with us.

1. Surveillance System 

2. Augmented Reality Applications

3. Catch someone who steals your phone 

4. Plan interior of your home 

5. Read more about the product, without departing from the shelves 

6. Digitize your paper 

7. Scan film negatives 

8. Searching Google for photographs

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All about any product - in a few seconds will tell you a portable sensor

This molecular sensor SCiO. A small device that fits in your hand, helps to know the chemical composition of any products around. Via Bluetooth device transmits information to the smartphone. Thus, the user can for a few seconds and touch the sensor to know how many calories in a serving of cheese or tomato when ripe.

SCiO uses old technology near-infrared spectroscopy - explains the developer. We cover materials. This light creates a vibration within the molecules. These vibration absorbing the light. We monitor to display it. It creates a label that corresponds with the performance of the chemical composition of materials. So we can know the chemical composition of the measured object and send the information to your smartphone. 

SCiO may need to research products in the pharmaceutical industry and horticulture. 

The developer hopes that the new device will hit the market in 2015 and will cost about 220 euros.

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Interactive map of air pollution

In March 2014 the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report which stated that only in 2012, air pollution led to the death of 7 million people. Over the last decade the number of people breathing polluted air has increased from 606 million to 1.78 billion people, a quarter of the world's population.

Later it was published by WHO database 2014 on air pollution in cities, which contains data on more than 1,600 cities located in 91 countries, 500 more than in the previous database in 2011. Air quality is represented as the average annual concentration of aerosol particles ranging in size from 10 to 2.5 microns (PM10 and PM2.5, respectively). The database covers the period from 2008 to 2013. The greatest amount of data obtained in 2011 and 2012. The database is available on the WHO website.

Interactive map are based on the WHO database in 2014 for cities, as well as on the basis of satellite measurements of aerosol particles in the countries. Map provided an opportunity to compare national data with air pollution in cities, to understand how air pollution is distributed globally.

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The world's first database areas suitable for CO2 storage

We used to think of oil, gas and wind energy even as the national energy resources. But, according to scientists may soon appear in this list one item - the repository. 

Researchers from the UK is a database of areas where carbon dioxide could be stored under the sea that washes the United Kingdom. 

It is believed that the CO2 underground storage using a new technology known as the capture and storage of carbon dioxide in the future will play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Professor Mike Stephenson of the British Geological Survey said: «British Geological Survey is in the ear of more than 20 years and will use their knowledge and expertise to the development and improvement of the national resource. During the first year, we will update the database so that it is easier to use and browse online. Then, during the next four years we will improve the content and functionality. "

"As the project we are interested in the thoughts and responses of both users and stakeholders. Plans: additions basic geological data and geomechanical models; addition of integrated information for the economic evaluation of proposals on the ears; development of spatial management support in order to assist issuers carbon dioxide to receive links to long-term storage. "

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Innovative database on the environmental impacts of bioenergy

BioEnergieDat's universal use and easily accessible database and software modeling of bioenergy technologies on the environment.

The project BioEnergieDat from 2010 to 2012 was developed methodologically agreed and approved database to process the biomass renewable energy in Germany. Now it is freely available together with the developed as part of the free software and a database for compiling environmental balance (Life Cycle Assessment).

Documentation BioEnergieDat fully describe the applied modeling techniques and include information on the use of data in various application areas (eg, the Renewable Energy (Renewable Energy Directive), European ELCD system or protocol on greenhouse gases (Greenhouse Gas Protocol)). Project results BioEnergieDat make it possible to use a variety of new applications for the environmental assessment of bioenergy.

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Unique hydroelectricity far from water

A very unusual hydroelectric power plant is located near the town Lestervill, Missouri. The nearest water source - about 80 miles. How, then it works and whether you need it at all?

This power station consists of two remote at a distance from each part and only works at peak load points in the grid. Water tank is opened and the water flows down the turbines. As soon as the load on the network drops, water, using residual electricity back into the tank.

Thus, it appears that hydroelectricity can be considered a self-contained battery. The cost of the project at the time of launch in 2010 was about half a billion dollars. The tank holds about 5 billion cubic meters of water.

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World Economy is concerned about water supplies

Acute shortage of water resources in the near future is a matter of growing concern for businesses, according to a global study published recently in all newspaper publications.

Studies show that more than half of the 147 large firms await the problems associated with water scarcity in the next 1-5 years.

This suggests that 60% of companies have already set clear goals and measures for the rational use of water.

Details are predicting that things would be much worse, as global demand for water will increase significantly over the next few decades.

Sectors of the economy that may suffer most from water shortages are food industry, beverages and tobacco, metallurgy and ore.

Companies like never realize the risk for the production of their brands if they are not taken care of promptly prevent unnecessary water consumption in countries that supply it is not great. Their arrangements for efficient methods of water use indicate a deep awareness that water is different from carbon that fuel alternatives are often, but the water there is no alternative.

The study was organized by the Carbon series, which takes place at the request of 137 based investors who have invested US $ 16 trillion dollars.

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Scientists have made a global catalog of climate and ecology of islands Earth

The database can be useful to justify the division of the planet into ecoregions, and for statistical studies.

The researchers found that 65% of these islands - tropical, but compared to the continent to the islands is more common cold and more humid climate than hot and dry. In addition, there is less pronounced seasons, and so-called moderate rain forests, one of the rarest ecosystems on Earth, found on islands often expected.

According to the authors, this database can be useful to justify the division of the planet into ecoregions, and for statistical studies. In particular, most researchers in the paper show that built their catalog can be used to simulate a variety of plant species on the islands and to identify factors that affect the rate.

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Google has introduced the map of deforestation in the world

Корпорація Google представила проект Global Forest Watch, розроблений спільно з Інститутом світових ресурсів і ще 40 організаціями. За допомогою цього проекту в режимі реального часу можна стежити за вирубкою лісів по всій планеті. 

Feedback on the project site is formed by photographs from NASA satellites over the past 13 years. However, image processing algorithms allow to calculate the volume lost in detail and increased forest at each site and in each country in each year.

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Climate Wikience: 3D visualization and analysis of large amounts of data for environmental monitoring

Climate Wikience allows you to interactively explore in 3D and perform analysis of more than 700 indicators of global coverage over the past 13-35 years. The user does not need to download to your computer any files downloaded data automatically over the Internet as needed. By integrating with the environment R is available over 5000 packages for the analysis of data supplied.

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A simple gadget helps the driver to follow the instructions of GPS-navigator, not taking his eyes off the road

GPS-navigators help us navigate in unfamiliar places. Moreover, now the drivers do not need to think how to get to the goal in unfamiliar territory. Unfortunately, unless you rely on throughout the voice assistant has to move his eyes from the road to the screen of the device. But now the information is displayed directly on the windshield of the car.

In order to use a small projector Garmin HUD, no need to cook something special car: quite simply put it under the windshield.

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Unusual use of navigation systems

Satellite navigation allows you to conveniently record passed way, and to determine the location of your friends and family. This can be done through special programs and online services.

Among the most popular questions asked in conversation on a mobile phone and SMS-messages - "where are you? "And" How to get there? ". And if large cities are notable places at which you can arrange to meet you outside the city to find they are often much more complicated. Less popular than the reference point of the meeting, but sometimes it is very important task tracking object - for example, moving a car or a child on the way to and from school. To perform these operations, you can use ordinary smartphone with satellite Glonass or GPS-receiver and special programs.

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Google Glass against radiation

Researchers from NTT Data Company built a prototype of a portable computer system monitoring Radi Borg, designed for filming, surveying and other tests for areas with high radiation background. It integrates several electronic and measuring devices, including Google Glass.

Radi Borg is able to measure radiation levels within the study area to within one mkSv ionizing radiation. The system helps the operator to focus on areas with different levels of radiation, according to a critical radiation sources nearby. Permanent radiation measurements allow the system to adjust the scope of any old and new infected areas, and build safe corridors and routes. All data relate to the interactive map.

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Launched Map of ecological condition of cities

A team of U.S. non-profit organizations with the support of Esri has developed a map of the ecological condition of cities. Rate the quality of life in a given city and provide all possible assistance in improving it now can any internet user.

According to the authors of the project, Ecocitizen World Map accelerate the entry of humanity into a new era, characterized by a close interaction of different communities. This interaction will improve people's lives, enhance comfort and safety in urban areas.

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Waze: on the road, or a history of a small, but very proud startup

The main product Waze - navigation application (there are Android-, and iOS - version). Assigned it primarily for car owners, but in general, there is nothing stopping using it and cyclists and even pedestrians. The trick is that if you run across the road to some pleasant or unpleasant surprise - cheap refills, good cafes, and possibly pit ambush DPS, repair the road, and anything else that would be interesting to those who pass here after you, you can mark an object on the map, right from your smartphone. And on it immediately appears! And of course, you see the objects marked others Waze, but the most important ones (jams, repairs, etc.) are automatically taken into account when laying distance.

And the benefits of "social mapping" is not limited to real time. Some experts consider it the only correct assumption that the traditional model mapping (figuratively speaking, the transfer of information from reference books) will soon go down a dead end database sizes grow, and more and more difficult to look at these mistakes (because something always outdated) . Waze from this sore largely deprived: there are millions willing to correct the traffic information received from the customer information is a priority.

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World economy concerned about the water reserves

Acute water shortages in the near future is a matter of growing concern for businesses, according to global research, recently published in all newspapers. 

The study shows that more than half of the 147 large firms expect problems associated with water shortages over the next 1-5 years. 

This suggests that 60% of firms have set clear targets and measures for the rational use of water. 

Information predict that things will be much worse situation was, as the global demand for water will increase significantly over the next few decades. 

Sectors of the economy that may suffer most from water scarcity, are food processing, beverages and tobacco, metallurgy and ore mining. 

Companies like never aware of the risks for the production of their brands if they are not taken care of in time for the Prevention of unnecessary water consumption in countries where its delivery is not great. Their arrangements for rational methods of water use indicate a deep awareness that water is different from carbon that fuel are often alternatives, but the water there are no alternatives. 

The study was organized by the Project Carbon Disclosures, which is held at the request of 137 established investors who put US $ 16 trillion dollars.

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The magic carpet: Go into the light

Dutch researchers have developed what could be a kind of magic carpet, but not in a fairy tale, but in reality. The experts from the Dutch company carpet manufacturer Desso and electronics giant Philips are working together on the carpet manufacturing, tooling LEDs. Diodes will transmit information in order to , for example , to help passengers at the airport quickly figure out where to go, or in the event of a fire in the hotel direct people to the nearest exit. The magic carpet can withstand not only the weight of people walking on it, but even the weight of a small car.

Ed Huybers the company Philips: "This invention will help enhance security, we can help people move to a particular house, we can get people interested."

Inventors carpet hoping that it will change the way in which people perceive information as hotels, and offices, business centers and other public institutions.

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Microsoft is involved in modeling the Earth's climate

Why global warming and other climate change , presumably provoke a person to cause so much controversy and heated debate ? First of all, because the question of how climate changes on the planet, no one exact answer. There are proponents of various theories , supported by climate models , created on supercomputers .

One of the most advanced sensor systems for micrometeorological observations in a tropical forest was created in 2009 by experts in collaboration with Microsoft Research , Johns Hopkins University , Research Foundation of Saint Paulo and the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research .

Under the project , a network of 600 high-precision multi-function sensors attached to different heights and combined using wireless communication with remote access to the monitoring results .

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