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 Lecturers of the SAKMIH department taught subjects for these specialities, specialisations and levels of training:

  • Bachelor: Specialty 124 - "System Analysis" (earlier - titled direction 6.040303).  
  • Bachelor: Specialty 126 - "Information systems and technologies" (specialization "Applied Information Technologies")
  • Master: Specialty 126 - "Information systems and technology"
  • Fellowship: Specialty 124 - "System Analysis"
  • Fellowship: Specialty 122 - "Computer Science and Information Technology" (sampling unit "Informational technologies for analysis, simulation and optimization of complex systems")
  • discipline section "Engineering and Computer Graphics department SAKMIH

  Undergraduate: Specialty 124 - "System analysis"

  Requirements management and consulting

  • Organization and management of IT-projects Business Analyst
  • Business Process Automation
  • Technical framework and tools for business management
  • Information management and information systems architecture  

Working with mobile devices

  • Programming Technologies
  • Mobile Development and implementation of software
  • Programming and algorithmic languages
  • Database and knowledge  
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Technology
  • Creation of software technologies for web development
  • Computer architecture analysis systems
  • Information
  • Data Warehousing

Analysis and processing

  • Data analysis
  • Knowledge and Data Analysis GIS tools
  • Methods and means of computer calculations
  • Discrete Math
  • Mathematical logic and theory of algorithms
  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics
  • The equations of mathematical physics  
  • Random Processes
  • Functional analysis
  • System Analysis
  • Control theory  
  • Methods for optimization and operations research
  • Modeling of Complex Systems
  • Decision theory
  • ONDR
  • Mathematical Foundations of Cybernetics
  • Entry to the profession 
  • Manage complex systems

 Undergraduate: Specialty 126 - "Information systems and technologies" (specialization "Applied information technology")

  • Development and implementation of software and information systems
  • Applied Information Technology
  • Testing Software
  •  Databases and Database Technology of  software 
  •  Algorithmic and Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  •  Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Architecture and Computer Technologies
  • Networks web development
  • Designing Information Systems


Project management, creation of startups, Internet of things

  • IT Project Management
  • Smart technology, Internet of things


 Working with mobile devices

  • Programming Mobile


IT monitoring and analysis of complex systems

  • IT monitoring and analysis (discipline students free choice)
  • Industry analysis of complex systems (discipline students free choice)
  • Information Technology imaging (free choice discipline students)


 System analysis and processing, business intelligence

  • Mathematical Statistics and Forecasting
  • Mathematical Methods of Operations Research
  • Basics of research (ONDR)
  • System analysis
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Processing of large data
  • Information Technology
  • Data Technologies Business Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics
  • Geographic information technology and systems (discipline students free choice)
  • Geographic Information Systems (free choice discipline students)
  • Methods of identification systems (free choice discipline students)

Teachers of other departments, such as taught professionally oriented courses:

  • Methods of Computing
  • Science and simulation systems
  • Information Protection Technology

Specialty 126 - "Information systems and technology"

  • Intelligent information technology
  • Methodology and organization of research in the field of information technology
  • Simulation of business processes and IT project management
  • Programming Mobile
  • Programming Technologies web systems and web services
  • IT monitoring and analysis of complex systems
  • Technology geodata analysis (discipline students free choice)
  • Technologies and Systems data (discipline students free choice)
  • Information Technology imaging (discipline students free choice)
  • Graphic Information Technology and Geometric Modeling (free choice discipline students)


    Fellowship: Specialty 124 - "System Analysis"

  • System Analysis
  • IT monitoring and analysis of complex systems
  • Methods for identification of complex systems (discipline of free choice)
  • Geographic information technology and systems (discipline of free choice)
  • Optimization of dynamic management objects (subject of free choice)
  • Information Technology Systems design data (discipline of free choice)
  • Methods and means of computer calculations

    Teachers in other departments will be taught the following courses:
  • Technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual products (discipline of free choice)
  • Fundamentals of research projects (discipline of free choice)
  • Modern educational technology in higher education
  • Foreign language scientific direction etc.


     Fellowship: Specialty 126 - " Information systems and technology"


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