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The Southern Bug already has a management plan

The Southern Bug in Ukraine received the first River Basin Management Plan - as required by the EU. Thanks to the scientists of the Institute of Ecology and Ecological Cybernetics our institution.

The book "River Basin Management Plan of the Southern Bug: analysis and measures", which was presented at the celebration of the completion of the project.

Meeting was chaired by the First Deputy Chairman of the Vinnytsia Regional Council Igor Krevo. The event was attended by members of the Southern Bug River Basin Council of Vinnitsa region, members of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC) of water management organizations of all areas of the basin, representatives Gosvodagentstva, EU and OSCE. And the head of the Department of Computer ecological and economic monitoring and engineering drawing our Vinnytsia National Technical University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vitaliy Mokin - Head of the expert group that developed the project and its GIS software.

Vitaliy Mokin with a graduate of the Institute of Ecology and Ecological Cybernetics our university and now a leading expert Basin Water Resources p. Southern Bug Marian Viktorov, made a report at the meeting. By the way, in the expert group worked two scientists VNTU - Ph.D., Associate Professor Eugene Kryzhanovsky and Ph.D., Associate Professor Nicholas Pradivlyanny.

According to the Water Framework Directive of the European Union swimming pool every major rivers of Europe should have management plans. For the preparation of this important document for all the rivers of our country, under the provisions of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, some of which have already entered into force on 1 November 2014, have 10 years.

In Ukraine, our first received the Southern Bug River Basin Management Plan in accordance with EU standards. Sweden financed the publication of the same book. Copy of the publication already has a scientific and technical library of our university. PDF-version of the freely available on the Internet.


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