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Advanced training

The teachers of the Department SAIT of VNTU carry out refresher courses at the Faculty of training on modern computer technology of VNTU, which includes a section of geographic information systems and technologies. Currently participants of the course "Fundamentals of GIS "ArcGIS" are being recruited.

Aim of the course - the understanding of basic principles and receiving skills to build and edit the digital maps and databases of geographic information systems of varying degrees of complexity and application environment, "ArcGIS", solutions of typical applications using the tools of ArcGIS.

Duration of training depends on the type of the course:

  • introductory course - 12 hours for 3 days;
  • short course - 20 hours for 3 days;
  • full course - 30 hours for 5 days.

Accepted size depends on the number of people in the group (1, 2, 4, 6 or 12) and the form of the course. The registration fee includes the cost of living in the dorm, and dinner in the dining room of the university. For each computer - 1 or 2 people. At the request of the program participants and the number of hours can be modified corresponding recalculation of tuition.

Program contains the basic principles and techniques in ArcGIS and is formed depending on the specifics of the audience. The course consists of lectures and laboratory exercises. All the work takes place on the computer. At the beginning of training each participant will get a synopsis of the lecture material in printed form. Teaching material is accompanied by a new demos and slides. Prerequisites: knowledge of the basic principles and possession of computer skills in the Microsoft Windows environment and the software packages Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word/Excel).

Education conducted by highly qualified experts (PhD) in the field of geo-informatics, information-measuring systems, construction, surveying, architecture and urban planning, cartography, engineering, communications, ecology and monitoring, computer-aided design, mathematical modeling. For teaching certain topics other specialists can participate, specialists in the application of GIS products "ArcGIS" in practice, etc. At the end of training the standard document is awarded without a qualification.

Education held in a computer geographic information systems and computer technology training center for new technology and research university in modern computers that have already passed the final nine times Ukrainian Olympiad on programming. All of the software is licensed, including classroom with GIS "ArcGIS".

Already held training courses for many groups of students, among them:

  • publishing division Vinnitsa cartographic factory;
  • owner of the aircraft performing aerial photography;
  • management planning and architecture of Vinnitsa Regional State Administration;
  • Department of City Planning, Architecture and Cadastre Ternopil City Council,


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